Luckenbach Texas Is Waiting For You To Stop In

Luckenbach Texas Is Waiting          For You To Stop In

As you travel the Texas hill country, you will start to notice a trend in the names. Many immigrants from Germany, decided to call parts of Texas home. This is why you will find places like Luckenbach or Fredericksburg, for example. The past has been persevered in these places. So those that wish to experience a part of history and the music that inspired it, make sure to stop by Luckenbach, Texas. 

Luckenbach front plaque
As you walk into Luckenbach, you will see the history of how the small town began on a plaque.

A destination stop for those staying in the area or are passing through. You will find a mixture of individuals that stop by. From families to bikers, you will never see an unhappy face as they enjoy what Luckenbach has to offer. Make sure to check out the official Luckenbach website for special events and shows. 

What Makes Luckenbach Special

This tiny town, population of 3, have managed to entice travelers and musicians since it’s establishment in 1970. Originally, the town was settled by German settlers around the late 1840’s. One of these settler’s was Jacob Luckenbach, which is where the name came from. Later, in 1886, the famous Post Office and General Store was established, which is still standing. 

When John “Hondo” Crouch, with a few others in 1970 saw an opportunity to create a lay back, yet magic infused place, they jumped at the chance. Thus, a place where locals and legends can play music was constructed. Music legends, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings even wrote a song called, “Luckenbach, Texas“. 

Even on a normal day you will find a few people playing some tunes and chatting up a conversation.

In fact, it won’t matter what time you show up, you will almost always hear someone playing live music. Make sure to have a song ready for the musicians to play. Some will ask for recommendations and then about you. So have a chat and listen to some of the stories as you cool off with a beer. 

How To Get To Luckenbach

Luckenbach is only 14 miles, Southeast of the German town of Fredericksburg. Just take Highway 290 East and turn right on Farm to Market 1376 Road. Continue for a few minutes till you see Luckenbach Town Loop 412 on the right. As a result, you will run into the parking lot area, which is free. 

Heading from one of the bigger cities like Austin or San Antonio, then make sure to plan for a day trip. Austin is a straight shot on Highway 290 and will take you a little over an hour to drive here. It will take the same amount of time when driving from San Antonio, but you will need to take the Interstate 10 West to US 87 North. From here you will then take Farm to Market 1376 road for 16 miles till you arrive at Luckenbach,Texas. 

Another few things that should be mentioned, since my family is from Texas and would be appalled if I didn’t. If you end up having to drive the roads near sunset or after dark, slow down and watch for deer, porcupine, and bobcats, oh my. You don’t want to hit one. 

Yes, I have slowed down many times to allow animals to cross the road or to not get hit. You don’t want to have a deer go through your cars windshield. Lastly, Texas people, overall are very respectful and kind. In fact, you might see one slow down and pull to the right to allow faster cars to pass. Give a friendly wave and smile! 

What To Expect In Luckenbach

Luckenbach is located in Texas hill country, which has it’s own charm to it. In the bar, you will find simple beers and of course a few Texas ones. Shiner Bock has always been a favorite. Make sure to have some cash on you for your drinks. Buy a few for you and put one in the well, for the musicians. They will appreciate it! 

You are in Texas, so be prepared for the weather. Generally, summer brings some beautiful days but they will also be humid. For the travelers not use to the areas in the United States that are warmer, let me give you some advice.

The southern states will be humid weather, so no matter how many showers you take, you will never win. Never! Drink lots of water for all the sweating you will do. On the contrary, you will find the southwestern states have a dry heat. You might encounter high temperatures in the 120ºF but it is a lot easier to handle it than the humid. Furthermore, don’t forget to wear sunscreen, a hat and drink even more water than you would. Enjoy Luckenbach and your travels around Texas. 

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