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Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. — Ibn Battuta

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Hi, I’m Shannon and my amazing wife is Cam. We are addicted to traveling and documenting our journeys as we explore the world.

Since 2005, when we met and fell in love after declaring it would never work out, we have been trying to create as many adventures together, as well as with others. From our first trip together in Costa Rica, to our latest traveling adventures, we continue to have a love for the unknown and what the world can offer.DCIM100GOPROG0835289.JPG

Our journey has included 13 countries, 44 US States, and countless cities. It’s great when we get to plan out our trips, but more often than not, most are last minute that end up being amazing and affordable. If we are not traveling to another country or state, you will most likely catch us exploring our home state of Arizona, with the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon.

We have experienced luxury vacations that took months to plan to last minute trips where we ended up booking lodgings after landing in a different country. Some trips involved no hassles while others included sleeping in cold airports, where you would rather go outside to find bags and make a fort, type of travel days. No trip is the same and nothing is perfect. Travel to us is about exploring and when something changes, you laugh and find a way to make it work.

My background includes a B.S in Biology, with emphasis on conservation, while my wife has a B.S in Travel and Recreation Management. I have had the pleasure to hike around the Santa Monica Mountains and yell “Squirrel”, as I collected research data on the Western Grey Squirrel .

Western Grey Squirrel
Western Grey Squirrel

My wife, Cam, has been fortunate to explore Costa Rica by backpacking from one side to another, over a semester with Outward Bound. We try to incorporate nature as much as we can into our travels.

A fact about me is that I was born with Tourette’s Syndrome (motor and vocal tics) and my wife falls under the statistic of people who played with fireworks and lost part of a finger in the process. We are both originally from California, which is why we always somehow end up there many times a year. If you ever see us out in the world, come say hi.

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