So you want to see Arches or Canyonland National Parks while in the area of Moab, Utah. Well congrats! You have picked some of the hidden gems of National Parks in our opinion. The town of Moab is lucky enough to be surrounded by the majestic red rocks and canyons that this whole area is know for.


What does this area have to offer? Well if your adventure junkie, then take advantage of all the activities that are offered. Try out some hiking, river rafting, ATV exploring, skydiving, and biking. Click here for a great website of the activities and rentals that Moab has.

Make sure to check beforehand if there will be any races or events happening.Some of the future events that they hold are: Lone Cone Fat Bike Challenge, Moab Rocks,Gran Fondo Moab and the Redbull Rampage Bike to name a few.

If your more into having a leisurely trip, then don’t worry the area has more to offer for the traveler that just wants to take it easy. The area has a diverse ecosystem where you can do some wildlife viewing or fishing. They also offer off road tours so you can see some of the canyons without having to worry about driving.

Want to see the national parks from the sky, then try ballooning. It’s a great alternative to skydiving.

The best place to stay in the area is in nature itself. There are some great camp sites you can reserve beforehand either in the parks or outside. We do recommend to try camping in one of the parks for a night or two. It’s worth it seeing the Milky Way with rock formations all around you.

Try some of these sites or if your feeling adventurous then try some of the free camp sites that can be found on BLM land. Be warned though, camping during the summer can be a chore. The weather can get to over 100 degrees and it can be windy/dusty in certain areas.

Reserved Camp Sites

Free Camp Sites



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